Spectral quasi-linearization approach for unsteady MHD boundary layer flow of casson fuid due to an impulsively stretching surface.

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The present paper seeks to examine a numerical method of solution called spectra quasi-linearization method (SQLM) to the problem of unsteady MHD boundary layer flow of Casson fluid due to an impulsively stretching surface under the influence of a transverse magnetic field, which is an important physical phenomena in engineering applications.
The study extends the previous models to account for a classical non-newtonian fluid called Casson fluid under the influence of a transverse magnetic field. The flow model is described in terms of a highly nonlinear partial differential equations. The method of solution Spectral quasi-linearization methods(SQLM) seeks to linearised the original system of PDEs using the Newton-Raphson based quasilinearization method (QLM). The numerical results
for the surface shear stress are compared with those of the analytical approach results, and they are found to be in good agreement. The flow controlling parameters are found to have a profound effect on the resulting flow profiles.
It is observed that there is a smooth transition from the small time solution to the large time solution. The magnetic field significantly affects the flow field and skin friction coefficient. Indeed, skin friction coefficient is found to decrease
rapidly, initially, in small time interval before attaining a steady state for large time.


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