Heat Transfer Correlation for Two Phase Flow in a Mixing Tank

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2 Semnan Uinversity


Mixing tanks equipped with mechanical stirrer are broadly applied in chemical and petrochemical industries, due to their variety of industrial process requirements. In this study, helical single blade mixer was designed applying CATIA and then mixing of fluid and solid particles, in a tank with this agitator was examined by OpenFOAM. For velocity distribution in the mixing tank, continuity, momentum equations, boundary conditions and coding were performed applying​ C++ language scripts in the software. The results of velocity distributions in three directions coordinates indicated that the efficiency of helical blade mainly correlated to axial and tangential flows.  The radial flow has less important role in mixing operation. Moreover, solid particles concentration distribution were computed in the fluid phase .It was exhibited that the particles were distributed homogeneously in the tank. In addition, temperature distribution was obtained applying continuity, momentum and energy equations as well as utilizing necessary code and boundary conditions in the software. Consequently, a correlation for Nusselt number as a function of Re, Pr and Vi was acquired by using temperature profile and dimensional analysis. The results achieved are in good agreement with those available in literature.


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