Simulation and Comparison of Non-Newtonian Fluid Models Using LBM in a Cavity

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1 university of Kashan

2 Mech. Eng. kashan university


In this paper, simulation of non-Newtonian fluid flow in a two-dimension lid driven cavity is investigated. In this simulation Lattice Boltzmann method is used to solve computational fluid dynamics equations numerically. The particular approach of this research is to simulate non-Newtonian fluid flow by Sisko and Hershel Bulkley extended models for the first time beside other non-Newtonian models, by means of Lattice Boltzmann technique. The results of different models including x and y- velocity profiles and streamlines were presented. Then the simulation results of different non-Newtonian fluid flow by Sisko and Hershel Bulkley extended models have been compared with Power Law, Herschel Bulkley and Bingham plastic models. Also, the effect of the Reynolds Number and Power Law parameter (n) on the velocity profiles were studied. Increase of n parameter and Reynolds number leads to moving center of main vortex toward center of cavity. By increasing the parameter n, the maximum value of velocity increases and this indicates while n parameter is increased, vortex strength is excessed


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