Dufour and Soret Effect on Unsteady MHD Free Convection and Mass Transfer Flow Past an Impulsively Started Vertical Porous Plate Considering with Heat Generation

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The erratic natural convection and mass transit flow of a viscous incompressible as well as electrically conducting fluid over an impetuously started immeasurable vertical flat plate immersed in the porous medium may occur in many engineering applications. By virtue of these various applications, in the present article, we have considered Soret and Dufour effects on erratic Magnetohydrodynamic natural convection fluid flow. With aid of similarity transformation, the partial differential equations of the flow, which are non - linear, are converted into a group of ordinary differential equations. Later on, those equations are linearized and solved by making use of numerical technique called implicit finite difference method. The derived results of velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are demonstrated through graphs for various values of the physical parameters, which influences the fluid flow. The temperature distribution of the fluid increases with increase in Dufour number, whereas the concentration profiles decreases with the increase in Dufour number or decrease in Soret number.Lastly, the impact of various parameters on local-skin friction, local-Nusselt number, and local-Sherwood number are also presented in the tabular form.


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