Entropy Generation of Two Immiscible Fluid Flow of Couple-Stress and Viscous Liquid in a Vertical Wavy Porous Space

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School of Advanced Sciences, VIT-AP University, Inavolu, Amaravath, 522237, India


The purpose of this research is to examine the entropy generation analysis of two immiscible MHD fluid flows in a vertical wavy channel with travelling thermal waves and porous space when subjected to an external magnetic field. Region-I is occupied with a couple-stress liquid, while region-II is with viscous liquid. The wall channels are maintained at different temperatures and concentrations. The governing flow equations are derived by taking into account the presence of both a mean part and a perturbed part in the solution. Long wave approximation, which contributes to the wall waviness, is used to derive the solution of the perturbed part. The R-K 4th-order method is employed together with the shooting technique to solve the resultant system of coupled and non-linear ordinary differential equations. The results are presented graphically for the distribution of velocity, heat, and concentration, entropy generation, Bejan number, shear stress, Nusselt number, and Sherwood number for arising parameters, Hartmann number, Brinkman number, porous parameter, couple-stress parameters, waviness parameter, Schmidt number, and Soret number and are discussed. As the couple stress fluid parameter, Grashoff number, and heat generation/absorption increase, the velocity distribution rises. Temperature drops as the porosity parameter and Hartmann number increase. With a rise in the Soret and Schmidt numbers, concentration reduces. Entropy generation decreases with the Hartmann number, porous parameter, and chemical reaction parameter and increases with the Brinkman number. The numerical solutions obtained are compared with previously published work to validate the model, and the results exhibit a remarkable agreement.


Main Subjects

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