Main Subjects = Radiation Heat Transfer
Experimental evaluation of the hybrid-bifacial cooling of a PV panel in an arid weather using channel heat exchanger and impingement flow nozzles

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 09 April 2024


Ali Balal; Ghanbar Ali Sheikhzadeh; Abolfazl Fattahi

Mathematical Modeling for Vacuum Infrared Radiation Drying of Pyinkado (Xylia Xylocarpa)

Volume 11, Issue 1, June 2024, Pages 33-42


Duc Le Anh; Kim Bui Thi Thien; Huong Hoang Thi Thanh

Monte Carlo Method for Calculating View Factor of Truncated Cone Radiators

Volume 10, Issue 2, November 2023, Pages 269-278


Mojtaba Mirhosseini; Amirpouya Hosseini

Fabrication of Solar Desalination System and Experimental Investigation of its Performance of it, Located in Ahvaz City

Volume 9, Issue 2, November 2022, Pages 255-268


Reza Bahoosh; Ashkan Nazeri; Maziyar Changizian; Mojtaba Moravej

Numerical simulation of combined transient natural convection and volumetric radiation inside hollow bricks

Volume 8, Issue 2, October 2021, Pages 151-162


Mohammad Omidpanah; Seyed Ali Agha Mirjalily; Hadi Kargarsharifabad; Shahin Shoeibi

Disinfection process with solar drying system

Volume 8, Issue 1, June 2021, Pages 23-28


Zeinab Amin; Nezih Kamil Salihoglu; Zahra Amin

Slip flow of an optically thin radiating non-Gray couple stress fluid past a stretching sheet

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2016, Pages 21-30


Sanatan Das; Akram Ali; Rabindra Nath Jana Jana