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Parameter Estimation in Mass Balance Model Applied in Fixed Bed Adsorption using the Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method

Volume 9, Issue 2, November 2022, Pages 219-232


Rhaisa Tavares; Camila Santana Dias; Carlos Henrique Rodrigues Moura; Emerson Cardoso Rodrigues; Bruno Viegas; Emanuel Macedo; Diego Cardoso Estumano

Estimation of Parameters and Selection of Models Applied to Population Balance Dynamics via Approximate Bayesian Computational

Volume 9, Issue 1, May 2022, Pages 53-64


Carlos Henrique Moura; Bruno Marques Viegas; Maria Tavares; Emanuel Macedo; Diego Cardoso Estumano

A novel Electrokinetic Micromixing System with Conductive Mixing-Enclosure-A Geometrical Study

Volume 9, Issue 1, May 2022, Pages 65-76


Morteza Nazari; Saman Rashidi; Javad Abolfazli Esfahani; Souad Harmand

Development of a phase change model for volume-of-fluid method in OpenFOAM

Volume 3, Issue 2, October 2016, Pages 131-143


Mohammad Bahreini; Abbas Ramiar; Ali Akbar Ranjbar

Separation of methacrylic acid from aqueous phase using quaternary amine

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2016, Pages 1-7


Akanksha Swarnkar; Amit Keshav; Anupam Bala Soni